Why dis?

The first fold is the most important part of any landing page. If a user visits the link just by looking at the first fold, you definitely made an impression.

25 seconds is just enough time to guage user interest. And it encourages you to build pages that load fast. If the page takes 5 seconds to load, the user sees the link only for 10 remaining seconds.

Yeah, the name is a mix of ProductHunt and StumbleUpon.. phupon lol. And the 6 char .com domain was available!

Who u?

I'm Ravi. Software Engineer, more of a generalist. Holler at me @ivarojha. DM me if you have a problem that can save time or money.

I'm on a mission to build 12 mini side projects in 2022. This is a second! ...And I wanted to learn Svelte.

How did you compile the links?

Okay! This is going to sound real boring. At first, I tried scraping ProductHunt timeline. Got a bunch of urls, however, many of them were either dead, won't load in iframe or too slow. Then a manual grind to figure out those that were interesting. Tried to include SaaS with transparent pricing page.

Other important criteria:

  • Opens in an iframe
  • Loads super fast

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